Short Films

Short Films

Short Films
  • Blindness

    A point of view of the lack of sight.

  • Meet Annabelle

    Alec is a young American single writer with cerebral palsy looking for love and acceptance. Speaking through his bitter but physically attractive able-bodied alter ego from Britain, he admits his thoughts about society and past dates to a sex doll called Annabelle, who truly sees the beauty in him.

  • A Life Imperfect

    Michael and Emily have been together for years. But when Michael comes home in a wheelchair from fighting in Iraq, he comes home with one arm missing and chronic PTSD. Due to Michael's condition, Emily is forced to adapt to the way their relationship is now.

  • Love and Hope of the Next Generation

    Living with a rare condition affecting motor control on the property of Eden, Jonathan transforms into a new body through the love and acceptance of his wife, Elizabeth. Together, they make a new race different from the descendants of Adam and Eve, born without judgment or a standard of normalcy ...

  • The Bag

    Mistaken for a bomber, a man stops at nothing to run to his friend in need.

  • The Last Straw

    A young man with cerebral palsy escapes from a nursing home to search for a home of his own.

  • Blind Eye to Differences Kissed by Love

    Stuck in a surreal world without time or gravity while the earth is destroyed, a man is haunted by a past love while being looked upon by those in the book of life when the last judgment comes and finds true love in the afterlife.